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Loris Seno - Boston Terrier breeder

It all started on one hot summer day back in the year 2000, when, looking through a magazine from the "Club Cani Compagnia", I was startled by a sweet and tender look, belonging to Candy Von Hirslenbach.

In my heart and soul I instantly realized that this was going to be the breed I wanted to raise and dedicate myself too. I immediately tried to get in contact with Mr. Claudio Gavina, the owner of Candy, and then with a breeder of Boston Terriers with the name of dell'Avigan. We became friends and he kindly explained to me the wonderful characteristics of this breed, but at that time, he didn't have any puppies, so we remained with the agreement to keep in touch for the future.

A couple of months went by, when finally, in September, my dream came true. In my arms, but most important, at my house, I was finally able to embrace a daughter of Candy, my little Elisabeth Dell'Avigan.

From that day on, Elisabeth started her life on the ring in the most important expositions of Europe, distinguishing herself for her elegance. In 3 years she became an Italian, International and Social Champion. This was only the beginning of a long adventure...